Biology Waec Answer (Essay 2 and Objectives 1) – 2019 Free Exam Expo Runs

Biology Waec Answer (Essay 2 and Objectives 1) – 2019 Free Exam Expo Runs

Biology Waec Answer (Essay 2 and Objectives 1) – 2019 Free Exam Expo Runs

Tadpoles – Gills
Cockroaches – spiracles, trachea .
Domestic fowl – lungs
Talinum – Stomata
Earthworm – Diffusion through skin
Amoeba – Cell membrane


Sexual reproduction:This is a type of reproduction which involves the fussion of male gametes(eg sperm cell) and the female gametes(eg egg cell) to form zygote which later develops to a young offspring



-Birth Control Sponge (Today Sponge)

-Birth Control Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing)

-Birth Control Shot (Depo-Provera)

-Birth Control Implant (Implanon and Nexplanon)
Tadpole | Skin
Domestic fowl|Lungs
Talinum | Stomata
Amoeba | Cell membrane
(i) Large surface area
(ii) Thin respiratory

-Mutualism represents a symbiotic relationship where both species involved benefit from the relationship while commensalism represents a symbiotic relationship where only one organism benefits while the other does not benefit from the relationship

-Good examples for mutualism include the relationship between bees and flowers as well as humans and digestive bacteria while Examples for commensalism include hermit crabs using dead gastropods for shelter or millipedes travelling on birds

(i)Hooks and suckers allow it to hold on tightly to the wall of the intestine
(ii)Its flat body gives it a large surface area to absorb food
(iii)It has no need of a mouth or gut as it absorbs already digested food

1ci) See the diagram.

Note: student should use their compass to draw the circles

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2a answer is in the below image

(1)Difficult to calculate actual value (if not shown).

(2)Inaccurate perception of symbol size

(3)Do not easily
reveal exact values.

(4) Can be easily manipulated to yield false impression

i) Saprophytes are plants, fungi, and microorganisms that feed on dead or decaying matter (or, in more current and specific usage, they feed on the fungi that feed on the decaying material).

ii) examples are
ghost plant or Indian pipe
gnome plant.

A variety of natural fish food organisms are found in a water body, which
depends on the productivity of the water body. Some of the fish natural food organisms include phytoplankton ,
zooplankton , annelids, worms, insects, molluscs etc.

Fishing Mortality (F)
Spawning Stock Biomass population

Lightning. 1. A discharge of atmospheric electricity, accompanied by a vivid flash of light, commonly from one cloud to another, sometimes from a cloud to the earth. The sound produced by the electricity in passing rapidly through the atmosphere constitutes thunder.

(6ii)Nitrosomonas A genus of gram-negative, ellipsoidal or rod-shaped bacteria whose major source of energy and reducing power is from the oxidation of ammonia to nitrite. Its species occur in soils, oceans, lakes, rivers, and sewage disposal systems.

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